The Chicken/Dog Duplex Coop
Here is proof that you don't need to get rid of dogs to get your backyard chickens. They can actually coexist quite peacefully.

Here is the finished coop, with plenty of pictures

The full view:

Dog goes this way, with included run...

Chickens go out this way, with fully predator-proof run

Better view of the run

And inside...

Basically my chickens can live in this enclosed run indefinately. My dog is allowed to roam the yard during the day, and she actually shows very little interest in the chickens (very thankfully). However, when we want to let the chickens free range in our yard, we can just put the dog in her kennel and they have a ball. So far it has worked out greatly and very successfully.

Inside the coop, the floor and wall sides have linoleum, for easy cleaning. They have a full length roosting pole, as well as 3 nesting boxes between the 6 of them. In the outside run, covered in part by a tarp, is their main food source and water source. They also have a small feeder and waterer inside the coop.They are happy, healthy, and very fun chickens. So far everything has turned out amazingly.