Well that was in 2011 now iam starting again2012, Still got my old homemade incubator an things dont change. still works a treat.
This time i want the Buff Orpingtons, went to my local chicken farm where i buy my road island reds (hybreds) but they have gone up in price now.
(and still only get one egg a day from each one) lol.
so i asked how much for the buff orpingtons and he said £60.00 each.
NO way was i going to pay that. so the old head started to work its magic and thought ive got that incubator stuck in the shed, so headed of home on the way i saw a big sign in the shape of a large chicken saying chickens for sale in my local garden center,(worth a look i thought).
so went home and got in the shed.
after much banging and crashing i found it tucked in the corner, and to my surprise all the other stuff was in there as well great, after a good old clean, new bulb an fitting a new batt. set her up and held a treat after 24 hours. 37.7 on the money fan still worked like new.
so thought i would visit the garden centre to see what he had (not a lot i thought) but when i got there and had a look around, i was surprised he had the most good looking buff orpingtons i had seen. as breeding stock and even better rhode island reds (pure breeds). after a good old look around, a man pushing a wheel barrow said hello an that was that, well for 40 mins anyway.we hit it off and buy the time i left there i had that mornings breeding stock of FERTILE EGGS out of 4 buff orpington eggs 3 where fertile and two rhode island reds also fertile.these are for the garden and my own persaoal enjoyment.
i am halfway there now and have all fertile eggs in incubator next friday is hatching day so i cant wait to see my little cooks...i will keep you posted....