Kristen's Page

I live on a 200 acre farm in a small town called Brown Summit. Im 16, i have a lot of chickens, about 60 or so and keep hatching :) i have about 13 ducks right now and im hatching some more soon.Most of my friends dont understand how much chickens mean to me, for example when that incident happened with the possum i cried for a few days cause it was so horrifying and i didnt know what to do. i told my friends that and they just said "there just chickens" like i said most people dont understand, my chickens are like my kids and they mean the world to me. when i had the other chickens, my chicken house wasn't in good shape at all but i am cleaning it up, painting it, and putting in new nesting boxes, fixing the fence. im pretty much a country girl as yall can see i love fishing and playing in the mud:D we also have 16 horses, a few goats, i have a gecko, several dogs and cats, chickens,mice, ducks, i want geese, turkeys etc.

my favorite :) her name is spot. she always comes up to me while the others are running away

my friend and i thought this was cute because the chicken was cooling off.
R.I.P - Angel, she was my favorite and i miss her dearly!She will always be in my heart