Hi, my name is Emma and I live on a farm filled with animals. I have horses, dogs, a goose, cats and lots of chickens. All of my animals have names.
Horses: I have 2 horses, Sunny and Angelica. I have 2 ponies, Gus and Grassy.
Dogs: I have 4 dogs, Lucky, Angel, Lexie, and Sophie.
cats: I have 2 cats, Goofy and Grizzly.
Goose: I only have a goose named Georgia.
Chickens: I have 3 EE hens, a EE roo, 2 plymouth rock hens, 8 plymouth rock pollets, 2 RIR hens, a D'Uccle hen and roo, a bantam Cochin hen, 4 bantam cochin pollets, and a bantam cockin roo, a bantam polish hen and roo, a bantam polish pollet, 4 standerd polish pollets and a roo, a buttercup hen, a Sumatra hen, and 4 slikie hens and 2 slikie roos.