Hey there!

Thought it was about time I put something on my page! I'm Sam...."HI"! I live with my husband and family in a small village called Framfield, East Sussex, UK....and I adore animals of all different shapes and sizes :) Think it comes from growing up on a farm and then working at a zoo for some time, anyway, not quite sure what I'm supposed to put here so will just have a little ramble if that's ok with you folks?....if not then please read no further as you will get bored!

My day to day goings on consist mostly of taking care of my and other peoples animals, also doing various artwork when I get the time. Due to health reasons and numerous operations I am currently unable to go back to full time work (but that's a negative so I won't go into that)
At the moment I look after 3 house bunnies (2 are mine....Holly and Oz and Tiggs is a guest), a 12 wk old boxer puppy called Abby (also just looking after) 2 pied call ducks and lots and lots of chickens!!!

2 silkies, 1 wyandotte, 1 plymouth rock, 5 orpingtons, 2 frizzels and 28 pekins.....all in various colours!
I decided to breed this year and have had a wonderful time doing so, unfortunately I am unable to keep all of them so yesterday put some adverts out to sell some young pairs and cockerels, I will miss them, they all have great characters and are very pretty little birds. I have Lavender, white, Millefleur pairs for sale and 1 Millefleur cockerel and 1 lavender cockerel if anyone's interested, they're just coming up to 11 weeks old.
Also 5 pairs of silver partridge pekins at 6 weeks old.
And 1 Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot cockerel at 13 weeks.

Not that I was meaning to put an ad out on here, but thought I'd give it a mention as where better to find good homes than on a website geared towards people learning more about their poultry :)

Wow that is a little ramble!
Think I'll leave it there for now, lol