[FONT=andale mono,times]OK - I am going to try building this page. *Wish me luck! * (I will finish it when I get more time)[/FONT]
[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]My name is Suzanne. I live with my husband of 13 years, my mother-in-law. We have 3 kids. Well, they are really not 'kids' anymore. One is 21 and married. The other 2 are 18 & 19 years old. They all go too college and are doing really well. I feel really blessed that my kids turned out too be wonderful adults.[/FONT]
[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]We have 2 dogs (feamale) under 8 lbs. Our dogs are Cuddles & Pnut.
I have a total of 8 chickens. 3 roosters and 5 hens. The last one we got a few months ago, my neighbor found her while going for a walk. She was underweight but, very friendly, so she scooped her up and brought her to me. We named her Hurley. (After our favorite charachter in LOST).
The names of our chickens are:
Roosters 1. Jake 2. Hawk 3. Bumble bee
Hens 1. Lucky 2. Pepper 3. Hurley 4. Merri and 5. Pippin (last 2 from Lord of the Rings).
This is b umble bee. His comb looks like he has 2 horns coming up out of the top of his head. He has really big, pretty eyes, and his feathers are really pretty. He is a nervous roo!! When I call the dogs, he actually 'yells' LOL

[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]This is Lucky (the white hen) and Pepper. They 'grew up' seperately, but, now the cannot bear too be apart! Its so cute too watch them help each other find bugs and worms. Lucky is named so becuase she was one out of 5 that survived when some hungry critter ate her sisters. Then a few weeks later, something nibbled off one of her toes (at night?). So we made a better coop too keep them in. If Im not gonna eat my chickens, Im not going too let anything else do it either! Pepper is one of our first chickens she is about 4 years old now. She started molting about a year and a half ago (when this photo was taken) & has just this month (11/09) grown out all the feathers that she lost! I tried extra protein, veges, all kinds of things. But, I guess she desided she was tired of being naked!