Hi my name is Barb From the lovely Granite State, NH. I live in a quiet little town called Francestown with my boyfriend, my dogs Homer, Sookie & Duncan, 6 cats, 2 ducks, a bunch of bunnies and my chickens: "Tank" my Big Beautiful Black Orpington (hatched him myself), my 2'Golden Girls' Buff Orpingtons, "Stevie" my best girl, an Astralorp, my Orp/Gold Sexlink hen "Awesome" New Favorite girl is my Dominique "June"~some Sebright crosses, a great Wy mix roo from Val, "Sampson", 2 Javas, both white....hoping for Java eggs!
Plus new additions: an Americana, pretty grey & gold, her best pal "Spartucus" the Gamefowl Roo, a Speckled Sussex hen, another Dominique hen, 2 Brahmas, a Bantam Brahma and anthing else that I don't sell before April~~
R.I.P. Tommy....you are missed every day!
I'm moving to Puerto Rico in a couple of years~living on top of a mountain in the middle of the Rainforest~YEEEHAAA