Hello Everyone
I guess I'm not sure where to start. I grew up on a ranch as a child where we had chickens. As I grew up we moved off the ranch during my teen years. I have 6 older brothers, so I pretty much stayed in the house doing inside chores with mom.
I now live on a pretty good sized ranch where there is a lot of room to roam. I have over 70 chickens with my flock increasing. I have several egg customers.
I am trying my hand at incubating, but haven't had any luck yet. I ordered a new bator, a hova 1588. Currently I have three broody hens sitting on some eggs. Tomorrow I get to turn up the humidity and take out the turner. I'm not real sure what I got right now.
I have three children and two step children, and a very wonderful husband, who gets to do chicken chores while I am gone this weekend.
I get to go to a women's retreat this weekend with a good friend of mine.
I will add pictures at a later date, as I am at work, waiting for some files to finish emailing.