Welcome to the Vasi family of chickens.
In the picture above, the family is taking a dirt bath. woohoo
The rooster, Tether, is in the top left corner on the look-out for predetors.
the white leghorn, paris, is chillin in the dirt
the silver-laced wyandotte, Z, is chillin in the dirt also.
the RIR, Red, is looking for some nutritious bugs to munch on.
the oldest member of the family, Rachel, is making sure everyone is behaving.
Tether and rachel are the two BB red oegb's in the family.
sadly, Tether got hit by a car (RIP)
We had a whole batch of baby bantees, thanks to rachael and tether
but we had to sell all except little man(rooster)and bonita (hen)
other than our 6 lovely chickens, we have a large collection of animals. we have 2 dogs--stolie and texas. 4 cats--angel, socks, elvis, and hunter; many finches; a horse--sherman; and an iguana--dino and a goat--daisy that passed away but are still very much in our heart.
thanks for visiting!!​