Hi Everyone!
My name is Tiffany. I am a 29 year old single mom to two AWESOME little girls.
I live on 4 acres in Dayton Texas. I have 2 cats, 2 pygmy goats.
Lots of chickens and I am crossing fingers that my duck eggs in the

incubator are going to be a successful hatch!
I am new to this incubating thing and loving every minute of the experiance of it.
My girls love it too, they eagerly await each hatchling chick or duck!!
Here is my Sharon, she is soon to be 6 and shes a little country kid for sure!
She is a proud chicken mommy. She is so anxious for the ducklings to come.


This is my little whipper snapper Savannah. She is my fighter!!
She had a tumor when she was a baby and has bounced back with a passion.
Here she is with our make shift hatchling house.


Here is a picture of me with Savannah.