Hi! And welcome to our Spot here on BYC! We live in the rural area of Aztec/Flora Vista, New Mexico, which is nice since there aren't to many Livestock Restrictions for us. Most of our neighbors have chickens, goats, horses, cows, Peacocks, Donkeys, and all sorts of interesting critters.
This is Peep, otherwise known as "the Chicken we call Dog"!

CWCD came to us from Koogler Middle School in Aztec, NM after a school science project, my 12 YO son Daniel participated in. Daniel, unfortunately, was not in class the day the chick's hatched, so I don't know the actual date they hatched out. CWCD has been an interesting pet for this old city slicker, and the kids LOVE having CWCD to play with. Its funny to watch the chicken chase the kids through the yard and peeping loudly at them because they're leaving CWCD behind! We are not quite sure on Male or female yet either but so far it's looking like a female :D We have a "coop" built into the underside of our front porch with a solid back to protect from wind, the porch to protect from the rain, and chicken wire encompassing the rest of it to (hopefully") keep out the predators! Later on as CWCD grows (and hopefully another chick or 2 later), We hope to have a full Coop made. I'll try to get some pictures of what we have done as far as our makeshift coop so far :)

What breed is CWCD? We have no clue at this point.... I have a couple of suggestions of what CWCD may possiably be, and I gladly welcome any suggestions!! Thank you to all of you for your time, help and consideration in our ventures to learn how to raise our chicken and all the great stories that have already helped so very much!!!