Hi All!
I'm new to the Backyard Chickens Forum, so not really sure how things go here - so... by way of introduction, here goes!
I'm the very proud owner of various breeds, sizes and manner of chicken since last May when I got 2 cuckoo maran chicks for my then 3 year old son (which turned out to be a hen and a cock!). I soon added a darling little Bantam, that I spotted at a fair and couldn't resist!!

Very soon after that my little Bantam went broody and we gave her some eggs to sit on. She sat tight for the whole 3 weeks, I don't think she even came off them to eat or drink that time! Thats what you call dedication to the job! All of her eggs hatched and we had a great variety of chicks: sussex, french marans, auracanas and orpingtons. Sadly only 2 of those hatched were actually hens (so it goes), which we kept. One beautiful auracana now a year old and a fabulous black and copper french maran.
This May my little Banty went broody again, and a week later my french maran followed suit: I was delighted! 2 broodies at once! Sadly only 2 of their eggs each hatched, but I now have 4 chicks about 5 weeks old. Not sure what breeds they are though because they each had a mixture of eggs and there were 2 different cocks with them... time will tell!
This Spring I started looking out for some Silkie's, which I had heard of and are supposed to be fantastic Mums. I eventually found some last week, so now I have 3 silkie hens and a cock. They are only 4 months old so it will be quite a while before I hear the patter of tiny silkie feet! I'm looking forward to it already though

Also, last week I lost 2 additions to my brood in the form of my copper maran and french maran cocks. One of which, I think hit puberty with a bang and began to take his moods out on everyone within a ten foot radius - which was a great pity really because I'd had him from a day old and he had been such a pet up to this. So, he had to go... I decided to let the other one go too because he was a noise violation (I had complaints from the neighbours!)
Then, 3 days ago... I got 13 new baby chicks!! 3 brahma's, 3 Pekins, 3 Cochins, 3 Light Sussex and one blue leghorn for luck!
My OH thinks my chicken collection is getting out of control! I kind of have to agree... for this year anyway - hehehe!!!!
Next spring I hope to add some Feverolles and buff Orpingtons. They are beautiful birds. I would have gotten some this time around but they are hard enough to come by here for some reason. It was only today that i heard of a breeder near to my area. But I think that I will wait until next year. Apart from the room or lack of (we are in the process of building a new hen house and run at the minute), I think my OH would have no reervations about signing me in if I get anymore right now!!!

But you have to admit...
They are SO addictive!!!!

Anyhow, I think thats about all for now... will keep you posted with updates
Aileen x x