This page is dedicated to my 18 year old daughter who loved life and crooned over my chickens.

On Augustcc 20,2007, my daughter Lazara Landin, was involved in a fatal accident in Yulee Florida. She was a passenger in a vehicle that was giving her a ride after her car broke down. She was with her older sister who was also injured, and her 18 month old daughter. Lazara died instantly at the scene. That day I found out that the driver had been doing drugs the night before and had no sleep. The driver left the scene of the accident, and was never drug/alcohol tested. The driver received a citation only for crossing the center line. Its a very long story but the jeep flipped twice, and my daughter was thrown through the side window due to the impact as a utility pole and electric wires came down around her. (she was a very small person). While I was trying to cope with my daughters death and seeing to my other daughter at the hospital that day, the father of the baby left his mom to take the baby home (she was not injure). On their way home they ransacked my daughters home of everything (which I wasnt even aware of until much later due to my depression). They left only her clothes. Paternity has never been established for the father even though his name is on the birth record (signed from jail). Supposely I have no legal rights to collect anything under florida law for my daughters death. However, my grandaughter is the only heir to her estate so she is to receive a settlement. That is when the problems began; now the other grandmother is refusing to let me see my grandaughter unless I visit her at her house. She has now obtained a lawyer since she found out that they were making me the executrix of the estate. She wants to be the executrix of the estate and she wants me to only see my grandaughter if I come over there. She will not sign any visitation agreement. All I asked for was one weekend a month, and every other christmas. She refused. So now we have to go to court. She has a lawyer, and I don't because she knows I cannot afford one. I tried Legal Aid, but they would not help. They said they were not taking anymore cases until "god knows when". If anybody on the board would like to help, I would greatly appreciate it. Even a dollar towards legal fees would help me. The lawyer for the Probate (estate lawyer) says she cannot help with the visitation etc., because she is not a family lawyer. Her fees are being paid by the insurance company. Theynow postponed the case until we try to get a lawyer which is impossible. We had an apointment for court on the 30th of May, but it was changed. I've never asked anybody for anything but my probate lawyer says I MUST have an attorney or I Could lose all my rights to my grandaughter.
I would appreciate anything anyone could contribute, I know that times are soo hard for everyone right now.
Thank you and God Bless!
Carol Pfeiffer

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