Welcome to L&L Farm

Home of Chicks & Feathers & Friends
So Feel free to Look at our little Farm.
We mainly raise Chickens on this small Farm in the Middle of the Missouri Ozarks.
But we do have other friends on the farm we have 1 Alpine Billy Goat, ornamental pheasants, quail , and of course your cats and dogs. The Farm consist of a Large Barn a Chicken coop of course and five Acers of land and allot of love for animals even the ones that come throw are land like our Deer that we see often.
But we don't like all of them of course due to they don't play well with the other animals, Bobcats and Raccoons and the ugly possum.
Our newest member to the Farm is Billy the Alpine Goat he is still being bottle feed at the time and already thinks he his part of the Family at 4 weeks Old.
We Raise our chickens for eggs and to hatch chicks and sell them to the surrounding area.
They include White Rocks ,Black astrolops , Americana's, Rhode Island Reds, Silkis Chinese Black Tail Bantams, and my newest group is French Black Marans. Oh of course you have to have some just plain farm chickens that are mixed breeds of course.

And our most pride and Joys are. Our 2 Girls who is the cause for most of the animals on the Farm.