[FONT=verdana,geneva]I have 1 dog now, he is a black lab/German shepard mix. His name is Otis.
I also have a kitty named Smokey, she's tiny, cute and lives mosty outdoors.
New addtions are Rocky the 3 legged kitten and his sister Lightning.
[FONT=verdana,geneva]My chicken list includes:
Cloud and Milo ~EE pair- hen and rooster respectively~
Moon ~determined to be a white langshan rooster -thank you BYC~
Kung Pow ~black star pullet~
Dot AKA Dotty or Dotcom ~barred plymouth rock pullet~
*Hoping for more soon.
[FONT=verdana,geneva][FONT=verdana,geneva]Dino was my rottweiler and best friend.
[FONT=verdana,geneva]I live in Rhode Island, and am a senior this year!!! Then it's off to college to be a math teacher and tattoo artist. [/FONT]