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  1. chicks4free
    Well, Jamey and I (Lori) decided we wanted to make use of the coop and run that came with the house we recently moved into. I come from a chicken farming family from years ago (commercially grown, not yard birds), and Jamey's parents had a couple of chickens when he was a child; however, neither of us have ever raised our own. We love the ones we have now, but occassionally feel we are in over our heads... so many questions. We have 5 Barred Rocks (19 weeks old), 2 RIR's (uncertain of age), 2 White Leghorns (uncertain of age and not even certain they are Leghorns) and 4 Golden Laced Wyandottes (11 months old). These girls are so entertaining... however, we got them for egg production. Well, the egg production is pretty low, but the entertainment continues.

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