August 4th, 2009

Our chick adventure has begun!
3 RIR's...Monalisa, Puffin, and Lipstick
2 Golden Laced Wyandotte's...Mystery and Goldie
Monalisa & Goldie deceased Oct. 7, 2009 RIP my Loves



August 8th:
We found a bump on one chick and I was extremely worried! Turns out the babies crop was full and all is well. Thank Goodness it will be fine!

Talk about being worried! Never knew this chick undertaking would be so rewarding, fun, and a little tiny stressful

Journaling Update Oct. 7, 2009:
Monalisa and Goldie were attacked and killed by our lap dogs
. I was able to hold Goldie as she succumbed to her injuries, she died in my arms. Monalisa was first to be attacked and I did not get to say good-bye. This has been devastating to me and my little guys aged 5 & 7. We learned a hard lesson about mixing dogs and chicks. Luckily we have 3 chicks left to heal our hearts. They keep us laughing through our tears...our babies are about 2 1/2 months now. We're going to take care of the ones we have left. The survivors were so frightened as they witnessed everything and were so far into the corner of the yard pressed against the wood fence. If we had not gotten out there when we did it would have been worse. So we thank God for our blessings and will not repeat the same mistake.
Oct. 22, 2009:
Life is good with the chickens. I look forward to seeing them each morning. We have discovered their favorite snack food is raw tomato, cooked spaghetti, and scrambled eggs. They think the cooked spaghetti are worms and they run around with others in hot pursuit to get a piece of the prize. They are extremely entertaining!!!​

November 11 , 2009
Well...we have adopted 3 new chicks today! Ameraucanas....we only went to the feed store to get grow mash for our 3 girls; and we came back with 3 babies. Hubby came home and was not too pleased. But I'm sure the idea will grow on him (hopefully!). I think he may be weary from working long hours and from our constant need for assistance (to build chicken coops and everything else we need him for related to chickens!, LOL) They are too cute for words tho' and we will enjoy every ounce of them since they grow by leaps and bounds. So far the names are Peanut (this one is the tiniest chick I have ever seen). She must be a runt or a very young chick because she looks like a cotton ball with legs! And the other 2 are named Spunky and Blondie. Baby chicks are one of life's greatest blessings in my humble opinion. To hold that tiny life in your hands is such a joy only imagined until you experience it first hand. To see that tiny face and set of eyeballs look back at you is one of life's greatest pleasures.
The infants first trip outdoors today. It was lovely and almost HOT! Here we are in Mid-November with 80's...gotta love Cali!

December 20, 2009 Our first egg discovery!
Wow! It's a real surprise when you are not expecting eggs for a couple more months. Our girls (or maybe it's just one of them) blessed us with 4 eggs in the past few days. I found one on the grass in the backyard. I have no idea how long it had been there and we found 2 more in their coop. Those may have been there for a while too for all I know! I never thought to check because I thought it was too soon. They are only about 5 months old and thought they would be 6 months old when they start. We were so happy and thrilled. I felt like I was on an Easter Egg hunt :).