Welcome to Sister Sadies Hatchery
Our hatchery has a wide variety of different breeds of chickens. Our birds are healthy and have been NPIP certified by the state. I only sell chicks locally. I will list the breeds of eggs that will be avalible to ship either now or in the spring.
1) Silver laced wyandotte
2) Jersey black giants
3) Yellow buff orpingtons
4) Barred rocks
5) Silkies, colors available
6) Silkie/sultan mixes { a unique looking chicken}
7) EE's {gotta love those large green eggs}
8) Cochins
9) Cochin frizzles
10) Game birds { this includes offspring from my red, white, and blue roo}
11) I will have some mixed breeds if your wanting a surprise!
12) Rhode island reds and sexlinks avalible soon.

I will be adding pics of my birds to give you an idea of the there health statis and colors and stuff. Just send me an e-mail if interested and we can get started.