Insane cockrel with the chicken tent!
So, alittle about me and where i am,
well i was born and raised in a little town near Tampa,FL. i just moved to Arizona 4 months ago i have had chickens in the past nothing really spectacular RiR's, orps , EE's. i love on 20 acres in Tonopah and the current flock is at 30 of al sorts of breeds with more on the way from my bator and from the chicken drug pusher mcmurry hatchery. so lets tatke a tour shall we

so lets start with the bator a simple home brew cooler'bator , cost me nothing to build and as of today its working

So after 22 days in the bator the new little fuzzy butts get to move to the Brooder again another home brew slaped together in about an hour or so cost again was almost nothing (7 bucks for the light bulb)


So next is the NOT Finished grow out pen i need to re cover it with new wire and clean the coop out

and we finish with the chicken TENT!!!!



so thats all my chicken related stuffs

comeing soon ... everything else cars bikes and planes and also PLANTS ( an inside look at my aquaponics set up(s) and other stuffs​