Chip! Chirp! Cheep!

By jnbce5 · Aug 23, 2014 · ·
  1. jnbce5
    So I joined BYC in April and haven't been on the site much, ive been following the facebook page, and learned an incredible amount of information on raising chickens! I have to say that page is great!
    I've asked my million and 1 questions and learned interesting facts from reading others, and coming familiar with "chicken" terms lol
    Since I've joined I have added 5 silkies to my flock and 10 other babes whom we were told were chanteclairs....but are now not so sure that they are growing up. Some have drastically changed in colors, and they are all different sizes and showing different features, but we love them all the same!
    So im creating this chicken page to share the new loves of my life with you! Looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone :)


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  1. lovepeeps
    Keep the photos coming. Your flock is very pretty

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