Chcknman79's Page
My name is Jeremy and I live in Crossville,TN. I am married to the most wonderful woman on earth, Sarah, and have two beautiful kids, Mikey(2yrs)and Myka(4 mo.) God has blessed me more than anyone could ever deserve. My flock consists of 6 - Rhode Island Reds, 6 - White Leghorns, 5-Barred Rocks, and 11-Black Sex Link Pullets, I really enjoy our chickens. We also have a Chinese Crested Dog that is crazy but we love her anyway. How we got into chickens and ducks is we don't have a very big place but Sarah and I both want to live on a farm. We don't have enough land for goats, pigs, cows, horses, or anything like that so, chickens were the logical choice. I am still finishing the coop as far as visually but functionally it is complete and they are loving it. I should be getting eggs in a little less than 2 months. I absolutely love brown country eggs. I can see this "hobby" turning into a habit. LOL
Here are some pics of my flock:

This is my son, Mikey, the Guardian of the Chicken Kingdom

These are the chickens enjoying the shade.