Keep in mind not to choose a low spot for your run or chicken coop. If your spot has a natural slope to it, make the front of the run or coop face up slope because it will make it easier later on to direct water away from the entrance once you add a roof. You may at some point need to create a bit of a swale or some means to direct water around your chosen spot if rain water tends to funnel down towards it.
This design is meant to give you a simple, fast and perminent solution for securing the top of a dog kennel for use as a chicken run (and possible future coop) with flexibility to make easy upgrades later on. This is a step wise approach to get you up and running while not getting you overwhelmed with worry. First things first, Phase I is the first step in securing a dog kennel. Assemble the dog kennel in the location intended and feel free to use the following instructions:


Of course there are other things to consider, running bibs around the perimeter to keep predators from tunnelling under and wrapping chicken wire or hardware cloth over the sidings to keep small predators and birds out and otherwise closing up the small gaps, but I'll leave that for another time should I come up with something unique (when I finish my own work on it!). In the meantime, there is plenty of advice on this forum from people who have more experience than I do.