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  1. chloechickens01
    Hello. My name is Chloe and I am 11 years old. I have 2 1 year old Plymouth Rocks, 2 6-8 month old Black Australorps, 1 6-8 month old Plymouth Rock, and 1 6-8 month old Ameracauna. I have 4 White Pekin ducks and 5 Mallard ducks. And I have 5 assorted pullets, 10 Speckled Sussex, and 10 Ameracauna, all under the brooding lamp. I live around Mount Vernon, IL out in the country and I have a fox that is not afraid to raid the coop every once in a while! I used to have 21 of the 6-8 month old chickens but the fox came under the fencing!! I lost 17 poor birdies then:(........ And lost one pekin duck to it. and lost 9 1 year old Pylmouth Rocks...... Please tell me how to stop this madness!!!!!

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  1. chloechickens01
    idahodi- We've taken care of the fox problem, my brother shot it..... Which i still feel bad about that. But now we have a possum problem, which isnt as bad, since they keep getting shot.... :/
    chirpchirpchook- Im 12 now and im getting some more chicks this year and im really excited about it! Its fun to get home from school to see your chicks sleeping and it feels awesome to have a responsibility around my farm. I now actually have 8 goats! 2 are males and 2 are females, which each female has 2 babies, probably around a month old by now! :D
  2. chirpchirpchook
    I'm 12 and have a cornish cross, black french maran, production red, hamburg, and a light brahma. My cornish cross and black french maran are still only young and extremely friendly.
    once again I'm very sorry about your loss :(
  3. chirpchirpchook
    aw that is so sad
  4. idahodi
    Hi Chloe, I have had 14 of my chickens taken in one night, oh that was a sad day for me. What we finally did which has been very successful for a couple years now is to keep a radio on 24/7. I keep it on rock music, and a friend keeps her raido on talk radio and they both work great.
    Hope this works for you too.

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