Our farm, Goose Meadow, is located is South Mississippi. Our farm primarily revolves around our registered Pygmy Goats that we breed and show. But like most farms we also have quite a few chickens, several ducks, a few geese, turkeys, & guineas. My favorite of the chickens we raise are the Mille Fleur Cochins. This is by far the most beautiful color pattern of all the cochins that I have ever owned. Below are just a few pics of our birds.

A group of our Mille Fleur Cochins

Buff Dundotte Guinea Hen Lavender Guineas

Royal Palm Tom Turkey, Calico Turkey Hen

Red Palm & Silver Pencilled Turkey Hens

Mottled Chocolate Turkey Pair & Jersey Buff Turkey Pair


We have 3 Ancona Ducks and a large flock of Muscovy Ducks.

Muscovy Ducks on the pond

Chocolate Duclair Drake and Chocolate Pied Hen

Group of Muscovy Hens & Young Chocolate Duclair Pied Muscovies on the water

Blue Duclair Pied hens, Lilac Duclair Pied hen, Lilac & Chocolate Duclair Pied hens

My beautiful Self Blue Barred Pied hen


We raise Saddleback Pomeranian geese and Buff African geese.

Trio of Buff Africans

Buff African Gander & Goose

Saddleback Pomeranians

Buff Saddleback Pomeranians