Hello All!!
I am Chrissy, and I currently live in Eastern North Carolina
I have two dogs, a cat, a fish, and 19 little chickies.
(2 Ameracaunas)
(2 Gold Laced Wyandottes)
(2 Black Australorps)
(3 Buff Orphingtons)
(3 Partridge Silkie Bantams)
(7 possibly RIR males)

Here are some of my babies!

This is Sugar Foots, she wants so badly to play with the babies!
These two are Bo and Oscar. Bo, the golden, recently died of Lymphoma. We are currently rehabbing a rescue husky mix, Fernie.
And here is Fernie. When we adopted him he was malnourished, had a fungal skin problem
and had whipworms. In five weeks he has gained about 20 lbs, the worms are gone
and his skin looks great. He's a wonderful dog!! (Always go with a shelter dog)