hey peeps (lol get it this is a blog about chikunz (thats my spelling for chikuns, i made it up. like it?) adn that's a pun. punny!)
so i wrote this poem about my chikunz, and i was about to upload it ut its not the right file! :( sad chikun luver right here.
but then i was like, I HAVE AN IDEA!!! haah i figured out that i could just post it here! genius, right?
i know i am. so heres the poem, i hope you love it!
JK, i know you will!!!!
chubularchicken <33333333333333333

I love my chickens
they are my loves
I thought I expressed that
in my first line
of this

I love my chickens
they are my loves
although they have
some slight mishaps
such as

I love my chickens
they are my loves
all 1463
and counting
living at the

I love my chickens
they are my loves
they nuzzle their head
into my
(AYKAYAY my breast fat)

heyyyyy chicas! hahhahaa get it? chica, chick, chikun?? hahahahahahahahahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahaah

so get this. i just found out about this website that will let you make your own website on that wesite!! OMG right?? EH HEH HEH
so im gonna make this website on there about chikunz and
so now, get THIS
im recording my own music album about, GUESS WHAT
jhahahhahahahhahaha sooo im going to post my music on the website for you guys to enjoi

chubularchicken <3333333333333333333