Some of My Building Projects
I use many recycled/repurposed materials in my building. I have more time than money to invest. I also like simple design and easily obtained inexpensive items.
Small Pallet Chicken Tractor
I like it for several reasons.
1) It was free! I used free pallets and materials I had already on hand.
2) It's sturdy. This thing is bomb proof!
3) It's safe.

(Mine isn't predator proof as I used chicken wire and staples however it could easily be made so with hardware wire. I plan to make it longer and will predator proof it at that time.)
4) It was easy to build and very quick.
5) I like that the slats provide safety, and shade.
6) I think it looks rustic and cool.
"Aquello de la gallina y el huevo" is Spanish for "It's a chicken and egg situation". A colloquialism that is equivalent to English's "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
I like using pallets to build as they are sturdy, free and readily availible. I think of them as big wooden legos!

Bucket Bird Feeder
I love these feeders because I think they look better and cost a fraction of the ones you buy already made.
To make one is simple. You'll need:

  • A plastic 5 gallon bucket
  • A plastic 5 gallon bucket lid
  • A plastic or galvanized 3 gallon/4-5 quart feed/oil pan*
  • 2 washers to fit bolt
  • 1 bolt and nut
  • A drill and 1"-1.5" bit
  • Wrench to tighten bolt

I paid around $6 for the pan, $6 for bucket+lid & hardware $1.50. So for about $15 I you can have a durable attractive feeder.
The oil/feed pan can be found at hardware, automotive part & feed stores. Call around to get a good price. One place I checked wanted to charge $12! Be careful of pans at feed stores as sometimes they can be deep but not wide enough. I like the pans I found that angle out so the top is a little wider than the bottom. You want to have >1" of pan surrounding the bucket.*
Optional, purchase a large plastic funnel and attach inside to channel feed towards holes.

To Make:
  1. Drill 4-8 holes around bottom of bucket as low as possible. Use larger bit for feeding pellets.
  2. Drill hole in center of pan & center bottom of bucket.
  3. Put a washer on the bolt & insert through bottom of pan into hole in bucket.
  4. Put washer on bolt end inside bucket & tighten nut.
  5. You are done, I told you it was easy.

I will continue adding projects so keep checking back.
Coming soon! The Incredible 100 lb. Poultry Feeder, Bucket Bird Waterer, Heated Bucket Bird Waterer & The Apple Crate Coop
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