Chicken Breed Info:
Breed Purpose:
Dual Purpose, egg laying and meat production

Comb: single

Broodiness: not normally

Climate Tolerance:

General Egg Info:
Egg Productivity: 250 to 320 per year

Egg Size:large to jumbo

Egg Color: brown

Breed Temperament:

Breed Colors / Varieties:

various shades of red with some white

Breed Details:
The Cinnamon Queen is one of two modern day production brown egg laying strains from hybrid breeding from Cackle Hatchery
that produce fast body development, fast egg production and rich brown egg shell color. These strains will start to lay eggs at a younger age than most standard heritage breeds and produce big large/extra large brown eggs. They are also color sexable as chicks for the first generation which are the chicks you will receive. Cockerel chicks are white and the pullet chicks are more brownish red in color. Leg color is mostly yellow but a few may have some greenish color. Feathering color varies with brownish feathers and white feathers on the adult hens. Feathering color varies from totally white to white with light to dark red feathers in shoulder feathers in the adult rooster. Chicks from this second generation will not be color sexable and will come in multiple colors. The parent stock is made from a proprietary Cackle Hatchery
bloodline/strain of the Rhode Island Red male and the Rhode Island White female

Chicken Breed Photos:

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