Ahh Clover. Not but not least, Clover is a white/brown bantam game chicken. Me and my sistes saved her when we found her cornered by a cat while a bantam hen tried to get to safety wih like 20 other babies. She didnt seem to notice one was missing. My sisters kicked te cat to high heaven while I caught the chick and herded the mom and her babies to the rest of their flock. I kept Clover because the flock owner is arrogant and irrisponible. The owner let a BANTAM flock run around LOOSE in a neighborhood where there are HUGE street mutts and mean ol ally cats, and it is on the edge if a HIGHWAY. BANNTAM chickens on a freaking HIGHWAY. What the heck?!?! Anyays, i named the chick Clover because she was lucky to be alive. idk the gender, im just guessing. Clover was tiny when i first got her and she had barely any feathers. I figured she would be around the ducks age so i stuck her in the brooder with them. I have had Clover for a few weeks now. She is growing and is warming up to me. She is going to be a house pet and will live inside full time, where Honey Bun only lives inside part of the time. (she stays out in her play pen from dawn to dusk then comes inside to go to bed). Clover will only go outside once every month or so. She is terrified of the outdoors due to the cat insedent.