My kindergarten enrichment classroom did an embryology unit this past spring, starting with 20 eggs in a variety of colors and sizes in an incubator. The week of April 24th, 13 eggs hatched. I ended up bringing 6 chicks home, and my better half and I just finished, last week, building the coop and run. Raising chickens in my backyard in suburbia has been on my 'bucket list' since last year when I read about folks in urban Denver with backyard chickens. I'm anxious for some fresh, healthy eggs, but in the meantime, we're enjoying the antics of the chicks! I hope the chicks will thrive and that I'll keep learning more about the whole process of raising chickens.
So it's now 10 weeks into this backyard experiment, and the chcikens are all getting so big! I'm still wanting to know how many backyard chicken enthusiasts let their chickens roam the yard or whether the chickens are kept in a run at all times.
I'm sure now that we have two cockerels, and am anticipating the start of their crowing. Today I googled 'how to kill a rooster' and got a recipe for Corfu Rooster, which sounds yummy, but I'm not looking forward to the actual act!