My Chicken Journey is off to a great start! I have started out with six 4 and 5 week old Orpington Chicks. Three are Blue and Three are Black.
They are now 8 and 9 weeks old and I still do not have a clue as to their sex. I am guessing 5 pullets and one roo but that may change. According to what I have read in the forum, it will change.

They are enjoying their dog kennel run and makeshift coop. I am promised by my husband a nice coop soon. If he takes too long to get started, I am going to be forced to purchase one. There are some great but big sheds out there, but they are too big to transport eaisly. He plans to buld an 8x10. That would be awesome if he does.
July 24,2011- Plans for the coop have changed but I think it will work out. We purchased two dog houses from TSC. These are the ones that have a slightly angled roof that lifts for access. They will be combined with nest boxes on one end. There should be plenty of roosting room. There should be room enough for up to eight hens.
This is not my first choice but should make an ok coop. The house will be raised off the ground at least a foot. The doors will be decreased in size. Of course a ramp will be added as well as a vent and small windows that will have plexi glass slides. The lenght will be around 8 feet long by 2 plus feet deep.
I would rather have egg access from the outside, but that will have to come later. The coop should be attractive enough. I will include pictures as soon as it is installed. It will be located in a 6x10 run. The chickens will have limited free ranging. The houses are constructed and all we have to figure out is how to connect them into one.
August 16,2011

Brought home three new chicks. Lavender Orpingtons. I think they are going to be beautious, especially if they turn out to be pulletts! I think my horse farm is turning into a chicken ranch!

Sept 23rd 2011 I have determined that out of the three orp chick two are pullets. The roo was quickly sold through BYC and will be delivered to the Poultry show in Frankfort.
I have have 12 eggs in two incubators. Seve are lave orp and the rest were free from the breeder mixed flock. Hatch date is October 4th, My birthday! I did not plan it that way but what a nice gift if I have a good hatch.
10/2 Eggs are in lockdown! Eager to see a high percentage hatch right now looks like it could be as high as 80% I think at least three eggs are not fertile.
Hatching started Oct 3rd. Six Lavender Orps and two Buff Orp/ Swedish flower crosses Not bad 9 of 12 hatched. We did not even think the mixed eggs would be fertile.

Out of the three Lav Orps that I had and sold, and what I believed to be a Roo may actually be a hen! lOOKED VERY ROOISH IN THE BEGINNING. Now I have a roo and a hen. Not sure what I will do with them yet. I have six, six week old Lavs and the two mixed chicks. Would like to keep one hen. One chick goes to a friend and any others will be sold. I don't think I will hatch as late as October again. It gets too cold outside for chicks. This would be a much better project for spring.
ANYWAY....Eggs from the six mature orps are steady and tasty. We always have eggs on hand. I started out with the goal of having six hens. Six chickens period. Latest count is 14! Thats' what chickens will do for you:)