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    Burlap coffee bags. State if you have preferences of thick burlap, soft burlap, plain or bags with designs. You will get 2-3 depending on the bags. The picture is just an example of what you could get, I have many more.
    IF STATED- coffee that has been roasted within the week of mailing it- you won't buy coffee that fresh at a store!
    This is an example of my eggs and chicks I've hatched from them.
    Layer mixes hens choice- Eggs are mint, pink, olive, tan, brown, white. Hens include- Barred rock, leghorn, EEs, Orpington, sex link, brahmas, australorp, blr wyondotte and welsummers. Roosters- EE, brown leghorn, bantam frizzle cochin x silkie and 2 slw but the slw's days are numbered. You would get 8+

    Turns out I have all of my EEs lay blue or green eggs! So I am also offering 6+ of just blue and green eggs, (ee, oe chicks) or you can specify that you would like half of your hens choice to be ee oe eggs.

    Comes with 6 of these packs of feathers.

    Model airplane kit

    I think this is brand new. It is a lantern for tea light Icandles and it projects stars onto the ceiling. I would go and buy a package of tea light candles to ship with this to make it fair.

    I have 35 of these. I think 15 would be fair for one swap, but if you want to add trade me something on the side as well I will ship all 35. They are brand new.-ON HOLD

    If you have been interested in hatching store bought eggs my store has fertile eggs that I had a good hatch rate with. They are jumbo brown, the chicks were white with black spots. Now obviously I can't guarentee any sort of hatch rate since they are store bought, but I can ship 18 if this is something you want to try.

    What I am looking for-
    Chicken eggs- particularly blue layers, chocolate layers, silkies, polish, standard cochin, and anything with a naked neck or a frizzled feather
    Duck eggs- particular muscovys and runners
    Turkey eggs
    Home made items- bath stuff, knitted stuff, etc
    Toddler items

    Swaps owed to me
    6+ polish- daze333
    3 Cream Legbars + 3 Marans(Black or Birchen)- Swindledana
    3 Sebbie eggs (or other)- crazypetlady
    Turkey eggs- Chiqita
    4+ runner duck eggs- silkiesensation
    Araucana eggs- Nimby Chicken
    12+ sexlink eggs- krazykat0373

    What I am sending out
    8+ green, white, and other eggs- susanrenee (Apr. 8)
    4 burlap coffee bags- dmccan

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