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  1. threeacresfarm
    Cluck U is a "chicksha" style movable coop. It's 4'x5' and houses our six chickens. It's home to 3 RIR's- Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera, and 3 Ameraucauna's- Minerva, Venus, and Juno. The coop is constructed primarily out of 2x3's,1/2" plywood, and 1/2" hardware cloth. Features include:

    - 3- 12x12x14" removable nesting boxes along the back wall
    - 44"x13" egg access door which also serves as a port to remove nest boxes and flooring for cleaning.
    - removable plywood floor covered with linoleum
    - End walls covered in hardware cloth for excellent ventilation
    - Removable panels with with glass to cover end wall ventilation during winter
    - 2- 6"x 60" vents running along the long side of the coop under the roof eaves also with panels to cover
    in winter
    - 18"x12" hinged door on front that doubles as ramp
    - 2- 26" bicycle tires for easy moving
    - 50' x 5' galvanized 12 gauge chicken wire that attaches to the sides of the coop and to posts in the ground to fence in a run for the chickens.

    Here is a picture to give you an idea, I will post another one soon with a completed picture.


    This style coop is ideal for us because we have a few acres of gardens in which we use chickens as part of our crop rotation. They eat up the strips of cover crops we grow, add fertilizer and scratch it in while aerating the soil and getting rid of bugs and weeds. When we need a new strip cleared and ready for growing, we just move the coop and the run over it and we have a perfect garden bed ready in a week or two.

    The name Cluck U is dedicated to the city we live in because they do not allow people with less than 10 acres to have chickens. [​IMG]

    We feel they need a little education about chickens and Cluck U is the perfect place for them to learn.

    -Three Acres Farm

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  1. Tammy N
    I agree Best Name ever and Cluck U too. Grins Thats even fun to say LOL .
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