We're a Central MN family of a Dad, a Mom, a Critter (Daughter#1) and another Critter (Daughter #2) on the way. We also have a house cat and a silly yellow labrador. On April 13 we are picking up our first chicks. We have kept meat chickens we had started by my aunt, but this is going to be completely different! We are starting with 3 Barred Rock pullets and 3 Gold Star pullets. 2 of the GS's are my brother-in-law's in return for building the coop and run for us. He's already named his girls Helen and Mrs. Peepers. As of today (3/14/09)we still have about one foot of snow on the building site, plus all the wood for the coop, we'll hopefully get building by the end of April. Stay tuned!
3/21/09 BIL is supposed to come tomorrow to get a start on the coop. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Here's a view of the proposed site of the coop and run, the wood for the project is under the tarps, which will have to be moved and sorted before anything happens, so I doubt we'll have much actual construction tomorrow.