This page may be a little heavy on the pics =) sorry for that.
Heres some pics of our little flock growing up. First and foremost, here is the day I picked them up from the post office. I ordered them from MPC.

I had to check them out right there in the parking lot =)

now, I will show you them as they are growing up.
We will start with Spazz, he is my EE cockerel.
Spazz Day 5Moulan, day 5

This is when I figured out he was my cockerel, see how he is looking out for the ladies? =)

Wow! look, there was grass in the run!
Now, he is all grown up


Bling got a little cross beaked there... I took some toenail clippers and fixed that for her. will post the fixed pic later
Strange White ChickScruffy ( i think this is her chick pic, they all looked so similar...)

here is where things get blurry... these are my 2 Delawares, not sure who is thing 1 or thing 2... but I think I got them correct....
Thing 1Thing 2
Last but not least, Bugsy our Buff OrpingtonStill bugsy over here =)
Bugsy is our first Broody!! here she is sitting on 7 eggs, due to hatch on Christmas Day.