Colossal and Related Structures

By Lofty Dreams · Aug 11, 2015 · ·
  1. Lofty Dreams
    This is my present slightly over-sized coop and it's related structures.

    To start off I would like to note that this coop is simply a functional draft for bigger and better ones to come as all of my coops are; this is just the forth of my setups; the First of my coops was a uninsulated 4' by 4'wood box, framed with tin, and had nest box access from the outside,it was the only portable coop I had but, as the metal was damaged, it was destroyed as it was no longer safe for the birds. The second coop was 6' by 11' and had was later turned into a dim, overcrowded brooder room. The third was 15' by 30' with eight large, chicken wire double stacked cages, which made cleaning difficult, excessively high ceilings and little light in the second portion of it, yet, was big enough for me to bring my Dad's 4-wheeler in from the back. Although I greatly enjoyed my coops, I would quickly and continually outgrow them as my parents let me have more birds.

    However, I never did truly get to outgrow my third as my family moved, a short two miles away. My mother had found a lake-front property with a larger house, and barn, in addition unlike some other properties that we looked at it was agriculturally zoned meaning I could have my chickens, my mother could have her horses, my dad could go fishing and my sister would still have Internet.

    But, I didn't have a coop so to save some money and the new owners interested in our property from having to deal with over-sized pens, we took them with us, leaving the smaller coop-brooder intact. After some debating on what would be done with the barn and the cement circles which once held grain; my family decided that my mother would take the back for her horses, my dad would take the cemented front of the barn and I would have an addition built on for my birds.

    The addition went up quickly while my birds stayed in their pens along the side of the barn, a few who were Lucky were drug around the yard in the two tractors which i received. After swiftly putting the insulation in, metal barn sheeting was set on the inside to allow for easier cleaning. The first winter in my coop didn't have most of my current pens and thus what assembled was a mix of horse fences and greening wood. Thankfully, after the breeding season was finished I was once again able to return to finishing the coop with my family. Several pens were erected on the southern side. The biggest was 8' by 6' while the others were 8' by 4's the seventh pen sat perpendicular to the others. These pens all received runs after 1' by 1' holes were cut into the metal. Six of the pens received nest boxes while one received a set of box perches (once used for pigeons). Wood was extended a few feet up to keep the roosters from fighting and damaging their combs.

    A brooder which my mother and former babysitter went to get was moved into it's own room; The once grand piece now has been pushed up against a wall, it's dropping pans have been replaced with new stainless steel pans. If needed it could hold 400 chickens for two weeks, 500 once the bottom is repaired. Facing it sits a counter top, retrieved from middle school and supplies in boxes.

    The pen adjacent to the brooder room holds a set of pigeon perches and breeding compartments which should hold a trio of bantams without the dividers down the middle creating three, 2' by 4' compartments. The rest of that area is fenced off and is typically used for chicks.

    Pictures and the other structures will be added shortly.

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  1. Chipper Chicken
    Can't wait for pictures!! It sounds like you have a great setup!!! ;~)

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