Comb Types

By Varisha · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Varisha
    Varisha's Chicken Comb Page
    Hover your mouse pointer over a picture. If a member's name is mentioned then that is who provided it for use on this page, if no member's name is mentioned then it is from my own camera. [​IMG] If you have a picture of a comb type that is not here or only has few photos feel free to PM it to me and if it will work for the page I will uses it. -- Varisha​
    Rose Wyandotte; [​IMG]
    Pea Ameraucana; Easter Eggers; [​IMG]
    V La Fleche; Polish [​IMG][​IMG]
    Walnut [​IMG]

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  1. HerbGir1972
    I'll post at the original posting'
  2. HerbGir1972
    I'm going to take a photo of our Butterscotch's comb, it's grown so much in only 10 days
    the pic on my computer does not even look the same now...BRB

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