Hello and welcome to my page. I'm a soon to be dad with my wife Ashley (Shadowhillsfarm). I get her into Chickens and she got me into BYC.

I'm doing a few projects to try to get some unique chickens. What I plan to do is cross my Conch Republic Gypsy Roo with various females (including a BCMxRIR, RIRs, Black Sex Links, and hopefully Cochins and Jersey Giants) to try to get different variety of chicks, from there the chicks will be bred with other birds that have similar traits. What I'm hoping to eventually get is a large body chicken with the stature of game birds and rose combs, who also have very vibrant plumage.
Here are pictures of my starting Rooster.
This is Duval, a Conch Republic Gypsy Rooster, picture taken after fluffing himself.

This is a close up showing his version of the Rose Comb

More info to come.