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  1. crazypetlady
    14. SunnySideUp Micro Farm's [​IMG] "Holiday Poultry" Calendar Photo Contest
    The goal is to make a poultry and holiday themed calendar. Submit your poultry related holiday pictures - all ranges of poultry age accepted. You will need to submit your photos on this thread. Submission of your picture(s) to means that you are giving permission to use your photo in a calendar printing. Photos must be taken by you, the entrant. Contest runs until Dec 30. Limit of 3 entries per person. Please note which month-holiday you are submitting your photo for.
    Prizes: 12+ hatching eggs for up to 3 diff breeds available at the time from Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm
    Check out their website
    like us on Facebook for sales n picture updates
    Thanks for including us!. Jill Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm

    The top two will win
    Big Ole Bird poultry supplement

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  1. Fuzzybird
    I have been waiting also.
  2. RavenWood
    Has this contest been judged yet?
  3. CayugaLover
    who's BHep?
  4. Fuzzybird
  5. Chickflick2
    I'm trying to find out and will post a link if I can find one.
  6. Fuzzybird
    where did you post your picture?
  7. delisha
    I posted for December
  8. Fuzzybird
    I hope you really do make a calendar for I have yet to see any Calendar from the Easter Hatch last year!
  9. Fuzzybird
    I want to submit a picture but can't see a way to do so.

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