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  1. crazypetlady
    16. [​IMG] Small Batch Best Hatch Rate

    This contest is for those hatching less than 24 eggs - we don't want to punish those who have not caught the Big Batch Fever yet!

    Hatch contestants may set up to 23 eggs. Post a picture on set day showing the number of eggs you have set and also fill out the hatching spreadsheet with that amount. These eggs may be under a broody or in an incubator. Y You must have your pictures and spreadsheet filled out by 3 days after hatch date. Best hatch rate wins! In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen by random drawing.



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  1. mlm Mike
    11/16 RC RIR hatched.
  2. Selah
    I have three remaining in the 'bator...but I am calling quits if nothing has happened by morning...so my tentative final accounting is:
    12 silkie and 6 BO/PR set, for a total 18
    2 unfertilized silkies pulled after first candle, one additional quitter pulled at lockdown for a total of 15.
    8 silkies hatched, 4 BO/PR hatched for a total of 12.
  3. gabrielle1976
    I set 8 serama eggs took a pic filled out form and I now have 5 little serama babies . Do I need to post there pics anywhere
  4. Lrkel
    Set 19 and 6 hatched and are doing well.
  5. sarahannecloud9
    I just had one of the duds hatch!!!! So glad I left it! So, 7 out of 10 made it. :) Yipee! I havn't heard anything elese out of the other dud though. Sayin some prayers!
  6. mbmess2003
    started with 14, 12 went into lock down.....6 hatched.
  7. Chickflick2
    My hatch is complete. I set 19 eggs and 12 have hatched...63.16%
  8. sarahannecloud9
    Ok, no spreadsheet, I;ll just post it here. :) set 10, 2 were duds, 1 died during pipping, and 1 died just after hayching. So 6 out of 10 runnin round.
  9. hdowden
    i set 3 tossed one and still waiting on the other 2 to either hatch or not hatch :/
  10. Selah
    I originally set 6 BO/PR of my own, and 12 silkies from a fellow BYCer in the next county:) 2 non-fertile silkies pulled after first candle, one quitter silkie at lockdown, for a total of 6 BO/PR and 9 silkies going to lockdown. First pip (silkie) shortly after midnight...4 active pips currently, and nothing zipped or hatched yet...so we're not winning any races, but I don't mind<3!

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