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  1. crazypetlady
    18. 202Roosterlane's Worst Hatch Rate Consolation Prize
    This hatch is for those of you with bad luck this hatch. You'll need to post how many eggs you're cooking in the spreadsheet by 11 Dec 2012, 11:59:59 EST and post a picture of your incubator or broody if possible in the thread by that date, also. When the hatch is declared over, post the number of chicks you hatched as a picture and fill out the spreadsheet. You must have filled out the spreadsheet and posted your pictures by 3 days after hatch date when the hatch is over.

    First Place: Hova-Bator 1602N Incubator a BYC Cookbook, a BYC 2013 Calendar and a BYC bumper sticker
    Second Place: 1 Year GFM, a BYC Cookbook, a BYC 2013 Calendar and a BYC bumper sticker
    Third place: 6 months GFM, a BYC calendar and a BYC bumper sticker

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  1. ChickenCanoe
    I figured there would be those with zero so I didn't bother posting but mine was pretty dismal. 1 out of 40.
  2. CaraDD
    I was 1/18. Not bad enough to win, but still pretty bad. :)
  3. SilkieSensation
    I ended up with 2 tiny quail out of a total of 33 chicken & quail set, so I guess my hatch wasn't a total loss. Hatch rate was above 0% which is better than some of the others.
  4. Daloorashens
    I don't know where the spreadsheet is... but I had a 1/48 hatch rate, and the one that did hatch had bad cross beak and was missing an eye, so we culled it today, I think I have a pic of the chick before we culled it, do you want that? HAve to admit, it is a little consolation that there are others with bad hatches.. makes me feel a little better somehow... **hugs** to all of you!!
  5. missydcpc
    I set 38 eggs....had 1 pip, at the bottom of the egg!!!! I attempted assisted hatching....but it doesn't look good....so I'm going with 0
  6. crissycriss
    Okay still havent found a actual thread or spread sheet. I set 30 eggs only had 1 hatch. I see others didnt have that. Sorry to everyone that had nothing to hatch.
  7. SirUlrichsMom
    i lost all 24 eggs, our heat in the house went out all day on the 20th, and part of the 21st. i only had 2 eggs that had even developed anything and they didnt get that far.
  8. SleepyOwl
    I don't have any chicks to take a picture of... just an empty bator. I didn't read this before, was really hoping I wasn't a contender. I tossed the last chick that didn't hatch, but it's in a bag. I could dig it out and take a picture of that... *sigh* I set 23, zero hatched. I didn't have any power failures or anything... just me I guess. :(
  9. WVstruttin
    I didnt hatch any of mine. Lost power day of lockdown, it was off for 17 hours, poor babies
  10. Fuzzybird
    Where do we post the pictures and the spread sheet for the worst Hatch? I have 2 out of 10.

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