Converting Horse Stall

By RavenBlue · Sep 25, 2015 ·
  1. RavenBlue
    Prior to remodel. Existing barn, horse stall on the left.
    Optional hatch between coops to keep the chicks safe from the main flock
    Main flock coop

    We had an existing barn with 2 horse stalls measuring 12 ft x 12 ft each. Hubby pried off the side boards moving them up to the top so that the walls were open from 3ft to 7ft above ground level and closed in the new gap with chicken wire that we picked up for free from a friend. He cut a hatch between the 2 stalls so that we have the option to separate the babies or integrate the flock. Nest boxes constructed out of scrap plywood and roosts built out of branches we pruned for our trees. Total cost was only $20 for screws and 2 afternoons of hard work for hubby. We like to recycle and repurpose so the entire design was based on using what we had on hand. All in all we are very happy with our "coop".

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