[FONT=arial black,avant garde]Hi, I am new to chickens but learning quickly. I always like stuff that is different from the usual and my chickens were no different. I chose Aracauna's one of the more difficult breeds from what I have read, as far as breeding and hatching go. I was able to find some lovely ladies and gentlemen to start my flock about 4 months ago. I was all set to start breeding this spring. Then last week dogs took out all but one young aracauna hen, one older hen that may and my two BBR roos. The older hen was beat up pretty bad. I am devastated but I will start again. I am looking to breed only true Aracauna's according to breed standard . That is my plan anyway. I love the rumpless, ear ringed blue egglaying breed. I have found a class on small flock management and NPIP with the Clemson Extention agency in March 2009 which I plan to attend. Want to learn more about taking care of my flock. As soon as I find out how to put pics on here I will. Thanks for looking! [/FONT]