The coop gets delivered. It is/was an old incubator. Bought it, and another MUCH bigger one for $50 each. Cost $75 each to have them moved 3 miles to our house.They are made of 3.5 inch thick Redwood!!
Bart (the Border Collie) checks out the egg trays in the larger incubator. We are half way thru turning it into a sauna! We pulled out lots of copper wiring, pipes and such to recycle and make room.
I started out by putting a tin roof on the incubator as the top was flat before. The rows of round vent things are just that-vents. They are also found inside venting thru the roof. The metal "screens" are some of the trays from the "peeps" side of the coop. One room (the bigger of the 2) was for the eggs the other for the newly hatched birds. Great storage room on the small side. Tin floor and all!

The roof is on but not painted yet. This photo shows the two rooms and all the doors wide open. Great access for cleaning/airing out. 34947_dscn5716.jpg
Roof painted and all the doors closed. 34947_dscn5726.jpg
The new $5 yard sale window installed and double screened using the old peep trays.