Coop building


Construction was well underway by this time. We used plans for sheds we found in a book found at Lowe's, and modified it. We lengthened the original design to include space for a feed room. We used "speedy posts" to cut down costs and get done faster. BIG mistake. The coop settled and had to be jacked up this year. The space under the coop is for the chickens to get out of the sun and escape predators. the littler chickens can get into smaller areas and escape the bigger chickens. (It's built on a hill.)

We were almost done by the time this photo was taken. The walk-through door is on the other side, and the feed room is on that side as well. We put the chicken door (chicka-trooper, for my Airborn husband!) on this side. My husband fashioned an automatic chicken door, which we LOVE, but it quit working this spring. We have a new motor on the way so it will raise in the morning and lower after dark.
My husband and my "Chicken Palace"