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  1. Old Ohio Coops... Chronicles of a Renovated Money Pit

    Old Ohio Coops... Chronicles of a Renovated Money Pit

    Funny thing about renovating this 1860’s coop…. I realized I am a TERRIBLE tracker of progress through pictures. But then… Hindsight IS 20/20! When moving to this Southeastern Greene County farm 8 years ago, this old building was moving well into its 2nd century and quickly...


    *~*~WARNING~*~* This is a VERY long, PICTURE HEAVY coop build article. Brew a pot of coffee, get comfy and enjoy (I hope!) Less than one year into my life with chickens I became one of those people. You know who I'm talking about. The people who swear up one wall and down another that they will...
  3. playsnfire

    Supa Coopa build with photos

    Hey everyone!!! Below is my most recent build, so follow along, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post. I, like so many others here started out with a few balls of fluff last spring, So i built them a raised 4x8 coop. Then chicken math happened.... if 6 are...
  4. Silkie_Mom

    We fought the city... And won!

    Okay so this has been going on the past few weeks and I've been losing my mind over it. But hopefully my post gives others a glimmer of hope in dark times. Sorry it's a bit lengthy. Maybe one day I'll write a book on my chicken adventures and this will be a chapter lol. We live in a very rural...
  5. Coop Build - Woods Style

    Coop Build - Woods Style

    This page is going to be the on going saga of my coop build. I will take pictures as I remember and update this first post and will do my best to give the dimensions and pluses and minuses of the coop as they happen. Keep checking back for updates. 1/24 - Day 1 of Build - Plans have been...
  6. Laying coop and run

    Laying coop and run

    Here's my 8'x8' coop and 8'x16' run. I used 4x4 treated posts in the corners, 2x6 treated floor joists, and 2 sheets of treated plywood for the floor. 2x4's finished the framework, and 1/2" shop siding covered the exterior. The run is made of treated 2x4's I ripped into 2x2's, and covered with...
  7. Madddawgs Coop D-Ville

    Madddawgs Coop D-Ville

    I actually built this a year ago, and made a few changes here and there. The coop itself is 8' x 12' and the run is 12' x12'. It has a vinyl floor inside covered with 6 to 8 inches of wood chips floor inside I got the post and and the band boards up, squared and level. post are set in...
  8. Trailer to Chicken Coop Conversion (aka "Cluck Wagon")

    Trailer to Chicken Coop Conversion (aka "Cluck Wagon")

    In my quest to have all three of my flocks "mobile" and free-ranging during the warmer months, this is my build journey in the second in a series of three (with the third yet to be built). It started with an old trailer I found on CL that was used as storage: Even though, in my opinion...
  9. our coop almost complete

    our coop almost complete

    We started this project in April. We have had the best time building this coop. I say we, but I built nothing. I just gave my input on everything I could. My boyfriend did all of the fabulous construction. He is not a carpenter by trade. We used alot of recycled materials. His Mother and...
  10. Our large coop for 6 hens

    Our large coop for 6 hens

    Took forever to build but totally worth it!
  11. UPDATED: My coop for "A French Hen" - The Run 2

    UPDATED: My coop for "A French Hen" - The Run 2

    Almost complete. I don't think it will ever be completely done though. Chicken math plus when I see a better working system of some sort I like to try it out. I also have plans to add some kind of fenced in area to allow a more controlled free range for times when I can't pay enough attention to...
  12. Oldish coop

    Oldish coop

    I'm writing this because @Mountain Peeps asked me to My dad built this coop 16 years ago when we first moved here it has served it's purpose well it's posts are made from cedar he cut down himself it's also made from 2x4 1x8 and tin It has four nest boxes a dust bath (the tire the hens...
  13. Rise & Shine Pallet Coop for Flora Vale Fowl

    Rise & Shine Pallet Coop for Flora Vale Fowl

    This has been a long time coming. We've had our birds for just over a year and half, but there were some last touches on the coop (A ROOF!) that needed doing before we wrote it all up. Now the top is on, and the flock is growing and this is how we did it... Firstly, we are a family of...
  14. My Lil Coop

    My Lil Coop

    I'm so proud of myself for finally finishing my chicken coop. Today I moved out my 3 1/2 week old Australorps in to the brooder in the coop. I admit I did take a lot of time in the planning and designing of it and make it a safe as possible for my flock. The one thing I did decide not to do it...
  15. The Balay Kubo (Nipa Hut)

    The Balay Kubo (Nipa Hut)

    The Balay Kubo, or Nipa Hut is a traditional Filipino house. Nipa Palm is the thatch roofing material. My coop is in the Philipines. The coop is less than 70 yards from the ocean, with strong on-shore breezes part of the year. These winds bring destruction from salt and are unpleasant if...
  16. The Chunnel Extension

    The Chunnel Extension

    It all started innocently enough. Build a large sturdy run and BUY a small coop to go inside. Simple, right? So last year I set out to build the run. Our property, although not small at 1/4 acre, is definitely not HUGE. Space was going to be an issue. The strip of land separating the main...
  17. Retrofitting The Coops

    Retrofitting The Coops

    Soon after I built coop #1 I realised that the run height was a big mistake. It was only 48 inches high, which meant that anytime I had to catch a chicken or clean out the run I had to adopt a back-breaking hunched over position. For very little extra money and time I could have made it full...
  18. The Coop 29

    The Coop 29

    So I was sort of lucky to have a coop-like structure pretty much set to go when I got my first set of chicks. My parents had built a 10x12 shed to store some extra stuff in that, when the chicks were growing too big for the basement, they allowed me to convert into a coop. As we all know, coops...
  19. Coop Building 1

    Coop Building 1

    Coop building Construction was well underway by this time. We used plans for sheds we found in a book found at Lowe's, and modified it. We lengthened the original design to include space for a feed room. We used "speedy posts" to cut down costs and get done faster. BIG mistake. The coop...
  20. Mil Coop

    Mil Coop

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