Soon after I built coop #1 I realised that the run height was a big mistake. It was only 48 inches high, which meant that anytime I had to catch a chicken or clean out the run I had to adopt a back-breaking hunched over position. For very little extra money and time I could have made it full height so I could stand upright.
Here's what it looked like right after I built it in 2009
After two years of putting up with it I decided to retrofit the coop with a taller run.
Even though the footprint remained the same, with 24 square feet in the coop and 48 square feet in the run, it feels much more spacious now.
I liked it so much that I rebuilt coop #2 also.
Besides the ease of cleaning out the run I discovered that another benifit of an easily accesible run is being able to just hang out with the chickens and feed them their favorite treat - mealworms.
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