Welcome to my mixed up madness as you might know I build my own coops pens runs with very little help from anyone else it keeps me focused and I love to build and be outside and always upcycle there is a company near me that puts there pallets out in a pile and if you want them you can take them i love it so i built my coop and run and this yr I decided it needed a make over my nest boxes used to be on the inside and so we had to go in to get eggs so I built new nestboxes that go on the outside build a quail pen cause I myself have never had them but my mom and dad do then I got to thinking and ripped down the old run and am building a new one and since my chickens are growing way faster than my turkies and my poor little turkies are getting stepped on i am building them there own coop and run so now with my 45chickens, 8ducks, 6turkeys, 147quail and 7keets here is my madness and very hard work and now we decided to add rescueing roosters to our home and so I built a batchler coop just for them so far there is 9roos in residents