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Coop Design 2

By chicknoob, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. chicknoob
    Yeah Chickens, and a yard, woo-hoo. What? They can't live in a cardboard box on the floor in a family room forever?
    and that's without bedding or shred down. I was using some kay-kob and shredded paper that didn't stick, seemed to work pretty good. Of course these fuzzy little guys won't be fuzzy and little foreve[​IMG]r,

    and they have to live somewhere, right. Go design plans. We have some old wood crates and shelving, there's that igloo dog house we never use. Hmmmm, seems that something like that should make a coop. Eureka and all that inspiration strikes. A cross between a chicken tractor and an igloo home. The design has again changed and I'll post pics when I can but here is what we are calling version1 without wire.

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