Coop is finally done!!

By Hope Hughes · Jun 11, 2017 · ·
  1. Hope Hughes
    (Ok so it isn't 100% done, but I couldn't wait any longer to share with my chicken friends!! There are still things that need to be modified and changed... and finished. But we have to make a run back to Oklahoma and had to make it usable while we are gone.)With moving back to florida from oklahoma we needed a nice safe place on our 40 acres to house our chickens. We went through so many ideas aa what to do and weighed the price options of each. But we came across a tough shed at home depot on sale as a display model and for the price we couldn't beat it. So after a lot of aggravation we finally got our shed and at a big discount even after the sales price. We went straight through tough shed not home depot. Home depot was a horrible to deal with. Tough shed was an amazing company to deal with. They made it all worth it.
    So now time to get to building.....
    FB_IMG_1497057984329.jpg FB_IMG_1497057987921.jpg FB_IMG_1497058019456.jpg
    20170602_172408.jpg Putting the Father-In-Law to work on this build Message_1496928112498.jpg 20170608_151156.jpg 20170608_165527.jpg 20170608_155537.jpg please excuse the chicken wire mess it was done in a hurry we got like 11 inches of rain in one day!! and then rained for about a week straight. But that's Florida for you. 20170609_165707.jpg 20170609_194049.jpg
    Now all that's left if the egg boxes and to hang their food and water. But the mommas and babies seem to be really enjoying it!! Now to bring all the other chickens in. There will also be a double decker brooder for the momma and babies in the coop as well. Hopefully all will be done soon. The hubs doesn't know it yet but we will be building another coop for my bannies when we get fully moved from oklahoma. Should have more pictures to share soon.

    UPDATE: we modifyed the roost so they had more room-


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  1. ViolinPlayer123
    Come build one for me! Its beautiful! Great work. :)
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    1. Hope Hughes
      Lol thanks. The husband and father in law helped a lot!!! Really easy! Easier then I thought !
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  2. 3-Bearss
    I like the natural roosts
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    1. Hope Hughes
      Thank you! We have 40 acres so what better way to use the trees on it then for our flock
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  3. Whittni
    Super cute, I love Oklahoma!
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    1. Hope Hughes

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